Открытый урок «Christmas Eve»

Ахметова З.Т.

Преподаватель иностранного языка



1st shepherd
2nd shepherd
3rd shepherd


Комната. Мама с детьми украшают ёлку. Звучит рождественская песня “Jingle Bells”.

Mother: What a wonderful evening it is! I think Christmas is the most favourite holiday of the year.

Bill: Of course, mum!

Jane:Mummy, why do you like Christmas?


I love Christmas for many things
Trees, candles, angel wings.
Stars in the heavens, snow covered hills,
Little toy trains, dolls in their frills.

I love Christmas, ribbons of gold,
Familiar carols, so very old.
Sweet candy canes, bright red sleds,
Little ones tucked snug in their beds.

I love Christmas, but most of all
I look forward to a neibour’s call.
A friendly chat, a cup of tea.
Love in the home means Christmas for me.

Jane: And I like Christmas very much, too. On Christmas we celebrate the birth of Our Lord.

Bill: I read about it in the Bible.

Mother: Do you remember where Jesus Christ was born?

Jane: In the town of Bethlehem.

Mother: Just imagine: a stable, a manger, shepherds, a heavenly light. Listen…


У костра сидят три пастуха. Один играет на флейте.

1st shepherd: The city of Bethlehem is full of people these days. They have come from everywhere.

2nd shepherd: Look! The sky! It is getting brighter and brighter. What can it be?

3rd shepherd: Is it a dream? Do you see it? I am scared. Let us run away.

(Angel appears.)

Angel: Do not be afraid. I bring good news tonight. It will make men happy, when they hear it. Tonight in Bethlehem, a Saviour was born. He is the Messiah, the King that God promised for many years.

1st shepherd: The Messiah – born in our city?

2nd shepherd: In Bethlehem? Tonight?

3rd shepherd: Where can we find Him?

Angel: You will find this Baby in a manger in the stable.

1st shepherd: Be quick! Let us go and see Messiah and bring Him some gifts. Glory to God in the highest.

Пастухи подходят к вертепу и декламируют стихотворение “A Story That Never Grows Old”.

Once a little Baby lay
Sleeping in a manger,
Resting on a bed of hay,
A precious little Stranger.

The donkeys and the cows stood near.
Wise men came from far.
Mary held the Baby dear;
Over them a star.

Wise men came themselves to know
Of the Baby’s birth.
Wise men knelt on bended knee.
Christ had come to earth!

Звучит музыка “Silent night”. Девочки (хор) подходят к декорации Девы с Младенцем и исполняют песню.

Silent night,holy night,
All is calm,all is bright.
Round yon Virgin,
Mother and Child,
Sleep in heavenly peace.

Silent night,holy night,
Sherpherds quake at the sight.
Glory streams from Heaven afar.
Heavenly hosts sing Hallelujah..
Christ the Savior was born.

Silent night, holy night.
Son of God,Love’s pure light.
Radiant beams from Thy holy face
With the dawn of redeeming grace,
Jesus,Lord at thy born.


Та же комната. Мама с детьми.

Mother:Thus, my darlings, the birth of Our Lord shook all the world. It is in our hearts nowadays.

Входит папа, снимает пальто.

Father: Is anybody in?

Bill: Hi,Dad!

Jane: Hello,pa!Look at our Christmas tree.

Father :Oh,it’s fantastic.

Вдруг раздаётся громкая музыка. Мама выглядывает в окно.

Mother: Look, there’s something interesting there.

Появляется цирковая труппа, исполняя песню “We wish you a merry Christmas”.

Father: Hello. Glad to see you. Who are you?

Acrobat: We are a circus band. On Christmas Eve we go from house to house and give a little merry performance. Look, please.

Clown: I’m a funny little clown,
I can smile and I can frown.
I’m a funny little clown,
I can jump and I fall down.

Children: It’s great!(Clapping their hands).

Acrobat: I’m an acrobat.Look,please.(Показывает несколько акробатических номеров).

Musician: We are musicians. We can play the xylophones. Listen, please.(Музыканты исполняют номер на ксилофонах.).

Jane: But I know a Christmas poem “Christmas Message”. (Рассказывает стихотворение).

I heard the bells on Christmas day
Their old familliar carols play,
And wild and sweet
The words repeat
Of peace on earth, good will to men.

Выходят все действующие лица и исполняют песню”A Little Peace”.

Just like a flower when winter begins.
Just like a candle blown out in the wind.
Just like a bird that can no longer fly.
I’m feeling that way sometimes.
But than as I’m feeling weighed down by the load
I picture a light at the end of the road.
And closing my eyes I can see through the dark
The dream that is in my heart.


A little loving,
A little giving
To build a dream
For the world we live in.
A little patience and understanding
For our tomorrow a little peace.
A little sunshine,
A sea of gladness
To wash away all the tears of sadness.
A little hoping,
A little praying
For our tomorrow a little peace.

Приблизительный перевод песни написан учителем Мельниковой Татьяной Алексеевной

Если грустишь как зимою цветок
Если дрожишь как свеча на ветру
Если как птица не можешь взлететь
Ты помолись, мой друг.

Если мне тяжело, я молюсь, не ропщу.
Я рисую свет в конце дороги
И , закрыв глаза, снова вижу сквозь мглу
Мечту, живущую в сердце о Боге.


Немного любви
Немного тепла
И твоя мечта воплощена.
Неси её в мир,

В котором живешь
И мир в душе обретёшь.
Солнечный свет,

Радость кругом.
Смоет все слёзы печали молитва.
Немного надежды,

Немного любви
И в наше “завтра” двери открыты.