Lesson plan: Dinner’s ready, Form 5th

Доланова Г.Л.
Учитель английского языка
Main aim:Introduce  key words: rooms& practice them
Subsidiary aims: 
  1. Know the names of rooms.
  2. Work with the Gloom family.
  3. Work with dialogues about the Gloom family.
  4. Complete the sentences about Helga, Rudolph, Bernard, and Mandy.
Assumptions:Learners will use  the key words in their practice (rooms)
Anticipated  problems: Some key words may be difficult to understand
Possible solutions: To offer to work with the Gloom family. 
Stage aim
Draw a simple layout of your own house/flat on the board. Ask Ss to work in groups of four and guess which rooms you have in your house/flat and where each one is on the layout. Before you give the answers, elicit ideas and provide English translation of the rooms if necessary.
warm-up (introduction)
to generate Ss interest
Pictures, cards, mobile phone
1. New approaches to teaching and learning.
2. Learning to think critically.
3. Assessment for and of learning.
4. Using ITC in teaching and learning.
5. Teaching talented and gifted children.
6. Responding to age-related differences in teaching and learning.
7. Management and leadership of learning.
Checking homework.
Warm-up: “House/home”
Divide into groups.
Presenting your works.
Playing game.
Using rooms.
[2.42] Ss listen and read the words. Play the CD. Then tell them to work individually to match the words with the correct rooms in the picture in Activity 2a. Encourage them to compare their answers in groups and check the answers with the whole class.
Play the recording again, pausing the Ss to repeat. Make sure they are aware of the difference in pronunciation of bathroom and bedroom.
Fast finisher choose one room or area in the house in the picture and make a list of all the objects there whose names they know in English.
Put Ss in groups of four and give each group a set of words from Activity 1 on slips of paper. Ask them to put the slips of paper face down on the table. Ss take turns to pick up each word and describe the place for their classmates to guess, e.g. You sleepthere, you do your homework there etc. The first S to guess the place receives the slip of paper with the words. The person with most words at the end wins the game. 
Picture search (Activity 1):
Listening, reading, matching, comparing, checking.
Work in groups: Pronunciation
Mixed ability classes: writing, reading
Work in groups.
Extra Activity
Pictures, CD
a)[2.43] Focus attention on the people in the pictures and ask students to recall who is who in the Gloom family. If necessary, refer Ss back to page 26 for the answers.
Tell Ss to listen to the dialogue and find out where Mandy (in the bathroom), Helga (in the bedroom), and Rudolph (in the garage) are. Play the CD through. Encourage volunteers to provide the answers.
Ask if the Ss know/can guess what the following words and expressions mean: dinner’s ready, lay thetable, having a shower, mending my bike. Explain these if necessary, using the pictures.
b)[2.43] Ss read and listen to the dialogue again. Play the CD. Then put Ss in groups of four and ask them to read the dialogue together, with each S taking one character’s part. Then Ss change roles and read the dialogue again.
Ss draw their dream houses and label all the rooms and areas. Help them with new vocabulary or give them bilingual dictionaries to look up words they need.
Work in groups.
Presentation (Activity 2a):
reading, listening, explaining, comparing, answering or finding where Mandy, Helga and Rudolph are.
Working with Key words: explaining, translating.
Listening, reading the dialogue.
Extra Activity: drawing, describing.
Pictures, CD
CD, Student’s book
Ask Ss to cover Activity 2 and then to complete the sentences with correct names. They should work individually on the task and then compare their answers in pairs. Get individual Ss to read out the complete sentences.
Makеsure Ss understand that the characters are doing the activities at the present moment, not every day.
Individual and groups works.
Comprehension: writing, completing the sentences and comparing them, reading
Interactive board,
1.      Activity Book page 60, Activities 1 – 4.
2.      While they are doing their homework, Ss write sentences about what their family and friends are doing at that moment and which rooms they are in or drawing or making market of house/flat and describing using the Present Continuous.
!      ?
Writing feedback.
Assessment of groups and yourself using «Assessment paper».