Шалбаева А.Ж.
Type: traditional with using game technology.
Aims:educational–to revise students knowledge’s on the lexical theme, to introduce students with the “model of family tree”.  
developing– to develop thinking, understanding, memory, oral speech; skills in reading, writing.
bringing-up– to bring up love and interest to the subject, respect to each other
methodological– using game technology.
Inter – subject connection – Grammar, Phonetic, Practice of speech, Pedagogic, Physiology.
The equipment of the lesson:
  1. visual aids: Active Board, kegs.
  2. distributing material: texts, cards
Good day, students! Take your seats! Nice to see you today at the lesson. How are you?
Classroom expressions:
Who is on duty today? Who is absent?
What date is it today? What is the day of the week today?
What the weather like today?
Today we have consolidating lesson on the theme “Family”. Todayat the lesson we’ll  continue the discussion of the questions according this theme, you’ll take part in a game and also we’ll do a lot of exercises.
Look at the Active Board, you can see the proverb.
Phonetically training
Men make houses, women make homes.
(Мужчины создают стены, а женщины – атмосферу дома).
  1. Reading and translating the proverb
  2. Reading: Teacher-Students
  3. How do you understand this proverb?
Yes, you are right, man must built home, do physical work and woman make atmosphere at home.
Before we pass on to our main part of the lesson, I’d like to know how you are ready for the lesson
Checking up home-task
Let’s check up your home task. You must find  proverbs, according our today’s  theme in not less 2 languages.
Look at the Active Board, you can see the crosswords.When you guess the words in it, we will know relations in the family to each other.