History, traditions and customs of Great Britain and The United States of America

Доланова Гульнур Лесбековна
Учитель английского языка
The type: intellectual show.
Aims: developing skills and habits in speaking, communicating
           to enlarge students’ lexical material
           to create an interest to study foreign language
Aids: wall papers, cards in a form of stars, “Apple tree” with cards.
Plan of the intellectual show:
  • Good day! You are welcome! Dear ladies and gentlemen welcome to our celebration. Today we’ll present the competition of two teams. Teams will compete on a very interesting theme. I think that our guests will enjoy this too. The theme of competition is “History, traditions and customs of Great Britain and the United States of America”. The team consists of 9th form students. The leader of the first team is … and the leader of the second team is … I want to explain course of the competition. During the game you will be given some questions and you have to answer them. Each student has red card that says the team is ready; each of you can answer the questions rising the red card. Each team gets stars on every task and on every answer. Who will get many stars that team will win.
The first task of our competition is …
  • Describe the USA and the UK.
  • Traditions and customs of the USA and the UK.
  • National holidays in the USA and the UK.
The second task is answering the questions.
  • What is the name of the flag of the UK? The Union Jack
  • Where does the British Prime Minister live? at  10 Downing Street
  • Who is the head of State in Britain? the Queen
  • Great Britain is separated from the continent by … the English Channel
  • What is the national symbol of England? A red rose
  • What is the capital of the USA? Washington D.C.
  • Where does the Queen of Britain live? Buckingham palace
  • What is the capital of England? London
  • What is the largest museum in London? the British Museum
  • What is the oldest university in Britain?  Oxford
  • Who was the Prince of Rock n’ roll? Elvis Presley
  • Who wrote “The adventures of Tom Sawyer”? Mark Twain
  • What is the capital of Wales? Cardiff
  • When do Americans celebrate Independence Day? July 4
  • What is the national sport in America? Baseball
  • In which month is Thanksgiving Day celebrated? November
  • Which country gave “The statue of Liberty” as a present to America? France
  • What is the seat of the British Government? the House of Lords
  • Who was the first woman Prime Minister in the UK? Margaret Thatcher
  • Who was the youngest president in the USA? John Kennedy
  • Who the first walked on the Moon? Neil Armstrong
  • What is the center of the American film industry? Hollywood
  • Who played the main role in the film “The Terminator”? Arnold Schwarzenegger
The third task is match columns to complete comparisons.
  1. 1) as poor as a church mouse, 2) as cold as ice, 3) as hard as nails, 4) as cool as a cucumber, 5) as brave as a lion, 6) as old as the hills, 7) as happy as a lark, 8) as fresh as a dais.
  2. 1) as like as two peas, 2) as black as coal, 3) as blind as a bat, 4) as light as a feather, 5) as silent as the grave, 6) as different as chalk from cheese, 7) as happy as a king, 8) as busy as a bee.
The forth task is you have to choose a card which has written situations and make up dialogues in pairs.
  • A girl meets her friend in the headphones.
  • Some people are working in the library reading – room. A little boy is playing with his pen and causing much noise. The librarian asks him to stop it.
The fifth task is game “Understand me”. You have to give definition of a particular word. Work in chain. The leaders of each team will choose cards. The leaders will be shown the card on which the words are written. But they have to explain the meaning of the words next player that he can guess the meaning. In procession of guessing you have not to tell, it will be written. Each player gives his own meaning, he has to repeat. Words: 1) mood, 2) satisfaction.
The sixth task is proverbs. Each team will say proverbs one by one.
The seventh task is “Captains’ competition”. This task is for leaders of teams. They have to make up many words from word CONGRATULATION.
The eighth task is translating and making up sentences with these idioms “to push” and “to pull”.
  1. 1) to pull somebody’s leg – дурачить кого-либо, морочить голову, 2) to pull a face / faces – гримасничать, корчить рожи, 3) to pull to pieces – разорвать на куски, 4) to pull oneself together – взять себя в руки, собираться с духом.
  2. 1) to push one’s luck – искушать судьбу, 2) to push one’s way – протискиваться через толпу, 3) to push someone to the wall – припереть к стенке, довести до крайности.
Total marks.