КВН “Holidays”

Ахметова З.Т.
Преподаватель иностранного языка

Оформление: доска украшена комиксами с надписями на английском языке.

Наверху плакат: Today the lovely and quick-witted will win!

Болельщики приходят с лозунгами:

Cheer up!

Good for you!

Right you are!

We are with you!

Keep up your spirits!

Don’t give in!


Ведущий: We welcome you to this event and wish you success.

We have guests there who can speak and understand English. This our respectable jury.

Let me introduce you our teams.

The first team is….

The second team is….

Captains stand up please. Now you will show us what you can do.

  1. Tell us about yourself as many sentences as you can.( the 5th points)
  2. Ask each other questions but do not answer them. The winner will be the last captain with the last question (One question-one point)

A poem “The clock” will recite of the 6th “D” Tabikenova Danel.

The word to the jury. Tell us about the points to both teams.

  1. Do you like holidays? Do you know the words well? We will see. This is a ball, you’ll give it to your opponents. Your opponent should name the word on the theme “Holidays”. Who can’t say the word is out of game. The winner – the team with more players.
  2. Name the date in English. One sentence – one point.


I team.                                                                      II team.

8 марта                                                                     25 декабря

1 января                                                                   1 мая

1 июня                                                                      4 июля

14 февраля                                                               31 октября

16 декабря                                                               22 марта


The poem “Winter” will recite Serkenova Asiya


Are the jury ready to tell us some words?


  1. There are words for each team with missing letters. Please stand in lines, one after another. Come up to the blackboard, fill in the letter and stand the last.


I team                                                                       II team

Cel_brat_                                                                g_ft

_no_k                                                                      d_c_rate

C_ris_as tree                                                           c_ver

P_mkin p_e                                                             neigh__ur

St__k                                                                       sto__ings

L_ght                                                                       r_ast

P_r_de                                                                     rib__ns

Bonf_re                                                                   tur_key

_nclud_                                                                   p_d_ing

So__s                                                                      chimn__


  1. What holiday is it?
  • People begin celebrate this holiday on the 31st of December.
  • People decorate the trees, buy gifts for their relatives and friends.
  • It is an Irish holiday. It is on the 17 of March. You can see green color.
  • This holiday is on the 31st of October. The children like it very much.
  • People celebrate this holiday on the 22nd of March. It is the holiday of Kazakhstan. We like it very much.
  • On this day ( in November) families in the USA gather together in a home for the traditional dinner.


The word to the jury.

  1. Say what it is ( on a sheet of paper)
  2. Make up the sentences;
  • They hope that Santa Claus will bring them presents.
  • They have a roast turkey and a pumpkin pie.
  1. Solving of crosswords ( on a sheet of paper)