Kazakhstan: geographical location

Смаилова Ардак Сериковна
Учитель английского языка
Learning objectives that this lesson is contributing to S1 use formal and informal registers in their talk on a limited range of general and curricular topics

R1 understand the main points in texts on a limited range of unfamiliar general and curricular topics, including some  extended texts

Lesson objectives


Success criteria:

All learners will be able to:
·         Read and understand the text
Most learners will be able to:


·         Speak about the text
Some learners will be able to:


answer the questions, share with ideas
Evaluation criteria: 1.      Distinguish cardinal/ordinal numbers

2.      Recognize the words connected to the text  and talk about the text

3.      Make up a question and answer to it.

Language skills / research purposes—          Listening

—          Speaking

—          Writing


To learn English well.



To listen the teacher’s instructions, listen each other  and answer the questions.

Answer the questions do develop speaking skills .


instill values (Мәңгілік ел-forever country) Respect and cooperation by:

1.      Listening to the teacher

·         Listening to each other

Cross-curricular links ·         Kazakh and Geography
Previous learning ·         Numbers
Safety and labor protection rules ·         Listen to  each other, work together. 
Planned activities
Time The activity of teachers The activity of pupils Pupils  thinking skills  Formative  assessment Resources
 2 min Greeting

Hello dear children! How are you? “I’m fine, thank you!


Good morning, Good morning Good morning to you

Good morning dear teacher we are glad to see you!

Active board


5min Warm-up activity

Sky of golden Sun,

Steppe of golden seed,

Legend of courage..

Take a look at my country!

(from the “Kazakhstan Hymn-the English version”)

Read and repeat, learn

Watch the video

Answer the guestions

1.Where and with whom did you spend your summer vacation?

2.What do you know about your country?

3.What places of interest in Astana and Almaty do you know?

Answer the questions to think critically  and answer the questions.


5min Presentation.Introducing new material

Grammar. Cardinal Numbers

1-one –first





Give examples, make sentences using numbers  



20 min
















6 min








Pre-reading. Ex.2p.4.Practise reading and saying the words

Ex.3p.4. Read and learn the proverbs and sayings

Reading. Ex.4p.5. Look at the map and read the text for information about your country


Ex.5p.5.Answer the questions


Discussion. Work in pairs.

Ex.6p.5. Look at the map of Kazakhstan and say what states Kazakhstan borders on.

Ex.7p.5. Read the text once more and find the description of the geography of the country. What can you add to this?


Ask and answer the questions

Make up a dialogue








Kazakhstan, China,  Russia, The South West, The Orals, Zaisan

-There is no place like home

-East or West, home is best.

Read and understand  the text


Answer the questions


Work in  pairs












Ask and answer the questions


Work in pairs

















2min Home work.

Ex.4p.5(retell), some information

Write the hometask