Keep calm. Modal verb must/mustn’t сабағы

Смагулова Салтанат Сериковна
Ағылшын тілі мұғалімі

Сабақтың міндеті/Purpose

To practice grammar in sentences and exercises

Күтілетін нәтиже/Result

Learners can use the tenses correctly.

Дерек көздері/materials

Activity board, cards, pupils and activity book

Сабақ барысы:/Lesson plan
Сабақ кезеңдері/stages Мұғалімнің іс-әрекеті/Teacher’s activities Оқушының іс-әрекеті

Pupil’s activities

І.Ұйымдастыру кезең/Administration moment


Wish Good Morning.

To ask questions about weather.


 Pupils answer the questions

ІІ.Үй тапсырмасын тексеру/Checkup the homework  (15 min)

Checkup home task

Read the text.

Read the sentences.

Фонетикалық жаттығу/ Phonetic drill

Heislifelessifheisfaultless” ,безупречен толко тот кто ничего не делает, көш жүре түзеледі.

ІІІ.Жаңа сабақ

(15 min)

1.Teacher divide the learners in two groups.

Dear children now you can see green and red stars on the desk, if you take red star you are first group, and if you take a green star you are second group.

Our new theme for today is “keep calm”  at first look at the new words

2.presentation new words and give it translation.

Keep calm- сабыр сақта

Pull- сүйреу

Turn- бұрылу

Fault- кінә

Rosk- жартас

Dangerous- қауіпті

Rest- жылдам

Silly- ақымақ

3.reading new text “ Keep calm” read the text and translate it . (work with the text)

 4.answer the questions

•      1. In which place place they are travelling?

•      2.  Some people is building something, what is it?

•      3.  Who want to go home?

•      4.  In which time they are now?

•      5.  Who were carring spears?

5.presentation grammar modal verb “must/mustn’t” (слайд)

6.Doing ex 1 Children  complete the sentences uses modal verb must/mustn’t .  what they must or mustn’t  to do  (work with interactive board )

Then teacher give exercise №2 for groups they complete the sentences after that they are checking  work second group and give it marks.

•       1. You ___ light fires in the forest.

•       2. You ____ do your homework.

•       3. You ____ wash your face every morning.

•       4 . You ___ drink cold water.

•       1. You ____ be late for class.

•       2. You  ____ listen to your teacher.

•       3. You ____ give place to old people.

•       4. You ____ be polite.




Write must/mustn’t


Total marks



7 school rules poster.

School rulers


Must                School rulers    Mustn’t



Write new words in your vocabulary

Do the exercises in the cards.

Answer the questions

IV.рефлексия / Reflection

(5 min)


        2 min


“Traffic light”. The teacher gives instructions to raise the green card if the lesson was easy, raise the yellow card if they liked the lesson but have some difficulties, to raise the red card if the lesson was difficult.

        The lesson was difficult.

         I liked the lesson but I have some


        The lesson was easy.

  Students follow the teacher’s instructions. Then the teacher asks students who raised:

the green cards: -What was clear?

the yellow cards: — What was unclear?

the red cards: — What was difficult?

Your home task . AB exercise 3 (A,B) page 45

To draw traffic things and give it meaning.

Check each other

V.Бағалау/Grade (2 min)

Giving marks

Giving marks to  each  other


Сабақ презентациясын жүктеп алу