Жарлыгакова Гульден Муратовна
Учитель английского языка
Book: Primary Colorus 4
Lesson objectives All learners will be able to:


-Revise/practice theme-related vocabulary with visual support.

Most learners will be able to:

—          use most of the active vocabulary in the speech;

—          do the tasks with minimum support using visuals

Some learners will be able to:

—          use most of the active vocabulary in the speech with no support

—          complete most of tasks correctly with no support using visuals

Language objectives Learners will practice speaking, reading and listening skills
Form of the lesson New theme
Type of the lesson Lesson with didactic game, questions-answer         
Methods of the lesson Explanation, exercises, demonstration, works with book.
Visual aids Flashcards, presentation
Planned timings Planned activities  

5 minutes



Checking homework

-Who is Mr Wilson? What type of shop has he got?  –What is his niece name? – What does he want?

— Good job! Now let’s check ex 3, p 5

-Today we are going to help Mr Wilson. At the lesson we will revise the previous years’ theme and learn more about prepositions. You will use active vocabulary in speech.  Our lesson we’ll be lesson — game and for each task you will get cards (Application 2), and at the end of the lesson you will count them to get marks. Finally you’ll be able to appreciate the lesson – to say if you like it or not by using cards-smiles (Application 3).




30 minutes









— In order to help Mr Wilson we need to learn new words. Look at the blackboard and repeat after me. (work with cards: name-repeat) — (3 min) (Application 1)

— Well done, now we are ready to help Mr Wilson. We need Mr Wilson. Who wants to be Mr Wilson? (choose Mr Wilson)

-Mr Wilson will read the questions and others will answer. For each right answer you will get a card. (5-6 min)

— Good, now let’s do the next task, look at the clocks in the screen and do ex 2a at page 6. You should complete the sentences with the prepositions above. I’ll give you 2 min.

— Time is over let’s check. Where’s Clock 2/3/4/5/6/7/8? (4 min)

-Ok, I think you are tired let’s do warm-exercise: (1 min)

Stand up! Let’s start!

-Put your hands behind your head!

Put your hands in front your face!

Put your hands on the floor

Up your hands above the floor!

—         Good job! Let’s continue our lesson. Now you will work in group. You have to complete the puzzle. You have 2 min. — look at the screen and check each other, count the right answers

—         Now, tell me:

—         Where’s the cat 2/ 5 / 6/ 7? (2 min)

-The next task is making questions with prepositions about our classroom. Choose the cards. 2 min for you. ( 5 min)

Extra task:

Complete the sentences at the page 6, ex 2 using pictures in ex 1a





Reflection and feedback:

Home task: ex 1a, page 6; revise the rule

-Now, count your cards give the marks

-Look at the table, you have 3 different smiles. If you liked the lesson/didn’t like/didn’t understand




Application 1
above between In front of
behind Next to on
under in
Application 2
Application 3