The role of schools in being learners a good member of community

Ибраева Марал Мұратбекқызы



We all live out our lives in a community, which is part of a society within the wider world. Surely, it is common sense to want to make our community world a better place, for us all to live in, and for our children to grow up in. Some people consider that parents should guide their infants to be good members of society. However, another part of people sure those infants can learn it at schools. In my opinion, I need to define the matters of each in order to make any decision.

Each person, regardless of gender, preparatory to decide to become a parent, have to be sure that he or she can give his or her infant everything what required. It is generally believed that parents should to teach on how to deal with society, this is due to the fact that children imitate after their parents starting from their actions until manner of speaking. Nevertheless, over time, children will acquire his social environment as friends from kindergarten, classmates and group mates, etc. Therefore, they start to change depending on their social environment.

The school conducts educational work, assigns class hours with the class teacher, when the class teacher regularly works on behavior, ethics and aesthetics, and respect for each other, after all life basic values are assigned to him by their parents.However, the main purpose of school education is to teach theoretical knowledge of subjects.

Overall, in order to grow up an intelligent, successful and kind future generation all of us should to be responsible in what we do and what we think, then what we speak. but there is also still a long way to go as the way we live is not without its problems, and there is much room for improvement.